Pocket size model in 3D print of St. Augustine beach house.

Pocket size model in 3D print of St. Augustine beach house.

How we work

For many years, we get our projects based on referrals from owners, brokers, and contractors whom we have worked with and established a reputation. Our team of collaborating architects, designers and craftsmen provides design services related to form, space and materials and equally grounded in concerns of budget, schedules and real estate value.

Time and care are devoted to cooperate with craftsman and local artists regardless the scope of work, in return we have a high quality collection of projects not only recommended by our clients, but also recognized by Elle Décor, New York Times, New York Magazine and Architectural Digest.

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Fifth avenue Residence

Terrace dinner table setting.

In the news

“Bringing Rio a bit closer”, an article about apartment renovation with a multi level terrace for a family from Brazil. Their unusual requests and distinct taste create a blend of spaces with touches of their colorful native country and sophisticated Upper East side neighborhood.

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